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What are motival quotes? It's an abbreviation for motivational quotes and they offer chicken soup for the soul. Nothing is more inspiring or uplifting when you're down and out or feel like you're ready to give up than hearing how someone was down and out way more than you were or ready to give up way more than you were. Don't just read these quotes, read them and read read them until they become a part of you--references you can come back to time and time again to help lift your spirits and make you go after your dreams with real grit and determination but remember this, no matter what, never give up because pain is temporary but defeat is permanent. 

Motival quotes remind you that you may only have one chance to reach your dreams "If you had only one chance to live what would you do?" Make the most of it!

"Death is one of the greatest blessings of all"

"Is death a blessing or a curse" Think about it, if we all knew we had an unlimited amount of time to do what ever we wanted in life then why do it today? Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? Death is actually one the the greatest motivations of all. How many people have accomplished great amazing things once they realized their time here on earth was very limited. What could you really accomplish if you knew you only had one year to live? I bet you would accomplish more in that one year then you did in the last ten applying the wisdom of this motival quote. You would reach higher and farther then you ever thought possible before. You would suddenly over come and conquer the fear that was holding you back in some many things in life and you would suddenly realize what really matters the most in life -- family friends and the amazing memories you share. Lifting others up and humbly offering your spirit to guide others on life's path.

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"The longer you live the faster time seems to go"

I know this one doesn't sound like a positive motivational quote but stay with me and I'll show you how to slow down time.  I've heard  time appears to speed up the longer we live because the longer you live  the smaller percentage of your life time becomes. When you are a kid on summer break and you're only 7 years old that summer break is a bigger percentage of your life compared to someone that is 80 years old. So how do we slow down time? It's simple, by doing something we really don't like at all like working some job we dread or marrying the wrong person. Some people say if you eat a really healthy diet you may not live to be 100 but it will feel like it. So how can we slow time down and actually do things we really love applying this motival quote?. 

"Pain Is the greatest thing people avoid and the surest path to success"

So many people say they want success. They want to win. They want to be champions but as soon as things get a little tough. As soon as they experience a little blood sweat or tears they are ready to give up. They are ready to throw in the towel. Well I have news for you. Life isn't all peaches and cream. Life can be a cold hard place and it will hit you harder than anything else ever will. There are going to be times of pain, expect it. Be ready for it! You are going to get knocked down again and again but as hard as life hits nothing can keep you down but you if you really apply this motival quote. Nothing can make you surrender but you and nothing can make you rise up again like the power within your heart and spirit to conquer what ever it is that you thought was impossible. What man or (woman) thought was impossible yesterday is possible today. What seems out out reach yesterday will be in reach down the road. Maybe not tomorrow or even next week or next year but if you just hang in there and keep trudging on new doors will open. New possibilities will come to fruition and you will feel more alive than you ever thought possible before and finally conquer your dreams. You will awaken the true heart of a champion. The battle is won. You will have conquered pain! 

"Life's greatest battle lies within yourself"

Life's greatest battle is within you. It's not on the battle field. The battle has already been won or lost before the battle even begins on the battle field but the battle has been going on in your mind ever since you entered into this world. People telling you you weren't good enough! You weren't smart enough!  You weren't tough enough! But what do they know? Theses are the same people that were told that they weren't good enough. Yes, the battle has been going on since you were brought into this world and continues on to this day. Were are programmed. Literally brain washed to believe we aren't enough and many of us believe it to this day! You've been carrying on so long like this that you can't even recognize it anymore but it's been showing up in your life in many ways. From the way you carry yourself, to the people you surround yourself with, to all the times you fell short in life and didn't even know why but today is the day this will all change for yourself. Today is the day to realize what is really holding you back and break free from these chains of despair. Reach deep down inside of yourself, awaken this motival quote and break free from these chains and awaken the true warrior spirit that is inside you now and has always been inside you.

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