Natural Health Solutions

Natural health solutions are natural ways to discover vibrant health. Unfortunately we are so used to the American way of eating a lot of processed food with additives, preservatives, hormones and pesticides that we we often act like it's unnatural to eat the way nature intended. Americans consume 31% more packaged food than fresh food, and we eat more packaged food per person compared to the vast majority of other nations. The American diet is largely quick preparation meals like microwave foods, frozen pizzas and salty or sweet snacks. What we really need is natural health solutions! Many of us go to the grocery store and gravitate to the isles of junk we call food. We call this stuff food and call unprocessed food without pesticides and hormones organic food like it's something strange or unusual. Our grocery store shelves are filled with so much junk food that there are often box labels screaming out with things like made with real cheese as if the box is shouting out pick me! pick me! I'm a rare treasure on this shelf since I'm made from real food! I think we should just call most of the food at grocery stores junk and call organic food food they don't mess with. When we go to the grocery store over 70% of the food we as Americans choose is in the isles where nearly everything is processed. Think about it? Would you try to run your car on on some junk fuel that wasn't intended for your car? No! So then why try to run your body on junk. Speaking of junk I just returned from the restroom at Barnes&Noble and the man in the stall just sounded like he was giving birth to a rhino! Trust me it wasn't a pretty sight. I mean sound! LOL More evidence that we could use more fiber in the American diet. If something you pick up off the grocery store self has more than 5 ingredients put it back on the self. Real food was never intended to have 50 ingredients that you can't read or understand unless you have a chemistry degree! According to jack La Lanne the legendary fitness guru if something tastes too good spit it out. If you are looking for natural health solutions you should be eating from the outer perimeter of the grocery store were all the natural delicious real food is, the way nature intended it to be. You should also eat at least some of your food organic to avoid pesticides. I've heard different debates about whether the pesticides on food are a real threat to our health. Some health experts argue pesticides aren't safe and the other health experts claim they won't harm you. Why wait until Dateline NBC comes out with a story telling us why pesticides are harming our health. You can take charge now and discover natural health solutions.

Are you a few pounds overweight? Every day are you moving father away from natural health solutions? Yeah I know we all heard of someone that still lives to be 100 even though they were a few pounds over weight but did you know that the odds of that are about 1 in 10,000? With odds like that why take a gamble with your health. I"m sure you have people in your life that love you and want you around. Isn't this a good enough reason to take good care of yourself? I'm amazed how most people take better care of their car or boat than their health. We only get one body and it is a gift. We need to treat it this way. Did you know that being just a few pounds over weigh can be the difference between poor heath and vibrant health. Did you know that an extra few pounds can be worse for you than smoking? But with all the confusion out there what is the best way to lose weight? One thing I've learned from people that had to lose hundreds of pounds and kept it off long term is that diets don't work. What you need instead is natural health solutions which means a gradual shift from eating the way most Americans eat to eating more and more a wide variety of natural healthy foods and a variety of regular exercise that is fun along with getting to the root of any emotional issues related to poor food choices and over eating.

Although it seems since the beginning of time people have been searching for that magic pill or potion nothing you do will help you to have vibrant health more than colorizing your diet which means eating a variety of different vibrant colored fruits and vegetables, weighing your ideal weight along with 30 to 60 minutes of moderate exercise 4 to 5 days per week and reducing stress in your life. Many people think they can make up for a poor diet by taking vitamins. Wrong! The best most complete vitamins in the world can never make up for a poor diet. Their are too many photo nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables that haven't even been discovered yet and even if they were you could never get everything you need in one little capsule. You would need a whole soup bowl size of these nutrients to get everything you need for natural health solutions.

Exercise is one of the most rewarding natural health solutions you can do yet many people say they don't like to exercise. In fact, did you know that Jack La Lanne the exercise guru said that he hates to exercise but it has to be done! I was amazed to hear this. I actually love exercising! Exercising for optimal health doesn't have to be painful. Just going for a walk along a trail a few times a week can add health benefits. I also recommend weight lifting at least once a week for the same muscle groups. It can help keep your blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides in a healthy range. Exercise can be very therapeutic walking along the beach with the picturesque sunset and ocean waves crashing along the shore. Every new year the health clubs around the world are packed for about a couple months and then then most people quit? Why because most people never really make a real decision. They just state a preference. They say things like I really should lose a few pounds I should get in better shape. I really should fit into that new outfit. All they end up doing is shoulding all over themselves. Real natural health solutions are made when you cut off all possibilities. Quitting or turning back isn't an option. What else makes it easier to stick with exercising? Drum roll Please!! Make it fun! Remember when you were a kid and you would just ride and ride your bike all day with your friends until your parents were begging you to finally come inside. You didn't look at it as work. It was fun! Put down that remote! Get off the couch and do something fun! Go for a walk ride that bike that is just sitting in the garage collecting dust. Rollerblade bungee jump, ski dive. Well I don't know about ski dive. I'm not afraid of heights just that sudden stop at the bottom! LOLWell guess what you can still make things fun even if you aren't a kid anymore. Many people say they don't have time for natural health solutions. Really? OK how much time do most people spend watching TV? According Nielsen a company that keeps track of TV ratings the average American watches over 4 hours of TV every day which translates into (28 hours per week, which equals 2 months of watching TV nonstop each year). If your lifespan is only 65 years this equals 9 years glued to your TV. Wow! So what if you don't want to stop watching all that TV? What if you simply love all these shows like American Idol, Americas Got talent and Keeping Up With the Kardashians? Well since the last time I checked commercials account for over 1/3 of all shows. Commercials in 1952 accounted for only 13% of a show. Today it's a whopping 31%! So what does this mean for you and exercising? You guessed it? The average American can create an extra 74.4 minutes over a full hour in their day just by exercising during the commercials! No excuses! Although I can do better I've been doing this for years and it works great! Now it's your turn for natural health solutions!!

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