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I admit I don't have all the answers but What if... You brought together the greatest minds in existence today. . . Pioneers with CUTTING EDGE strategies - experts in health, wealth and happiness- World renowned including Anthony Robbins, the nation’s leading expert in peak performance. Robert G. Allen on wealth. The Dalai Lama on Happiness. Dr. John Gray on relationships. Bill Phillips on fitness. Dr. Deepak Chopra on Ageless Body Timeless Mind and Dr. David Williams, who occasionally travels to the earth’s end and has found more effective treatments and cures for every major disease of mankind than any other figure for our time. And many more . . . Boldly going beyond . . .

Now what if you took their best success strategies, condensed them, simplified them, and often dug even deeper to discover even better laws of success to improve the quality of your life? What would you have . . . THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY LIFE CHANGING STRATEGIES FOR HEALTH, WEALTH, AND HAPPINESS ON THE PLANET!

This book has been described as life changing and riveting. James has an uncanny ability to take strategies and deliver them in a simple entertaining way(full of profound knowledge) something you can immediately apply to improve the quality of your life- presented as suspenseful as a Stephen King novel- all wrapped around chicken soup for the soul.