Wealth Creation Tips

What are wealth creation tips? They are tips with profound knowledge, something you can take and immediately apply to improve the quality of your life. All of the tips are modeled after many of the most successful people on the planet. Whether you simply want to save money or build a successful business the wealth creation tips are all here. Let's get right to the point. What you want is results right 

and you want to know you can really trust the person offering these tips. Let me prove to you right know that I can offer the results your're looking for and in time be your most trusted advisor. Someone who has been down in the trenches just like you who knows what it's like to be there.

Wealth tip number 1. If your're like most people you probably tried a few ideas for wealth creation and things just didn't pan out. Why not? Well I'm here to say that it's not your fault. If your like most people no matter how hard you try financial success just seems out of reach. Now I don't mean the level of success where you have you own business and earn enough to pay your bills. I'm not even talking about the level of success where you are a top 10% income earner. I'm talking about applying wealth creation tips where you earn enough money to pay all your bills and actually have the time to enjoy your life with those you love. Your friends and family. So why does reaching this level of success seem so elusive for most of us? Most people without fully realizing it dabble in things. They dabble in this and dabble in that. They often try something for a few weeks or maybe a few months and if things don't pan out they throw in the towel and tell people why it didn't work. "Most people over estimate what they can do in a few months and underestimate what they can do in a few years."

Thinking BIG

It all starts with thinking BIG. if you don't think big enough your going to have puny goals and if you have puny goals your going to get puny results. The challenge is most people don't even realize how puny their goals really are. Let me give you an example. I know two people who got involved with the bulk vending business. One person had about 50 machines and after dabbling for a while told me that he just couldn't make it work. The other person named Roger Folz who was in the same business went on to become the biggest bulk vendor in the United States and Canada with over 200,000 locations grossing 55 million per year. What is the difference? Was Roger born with a silver spoon? Did he inherit a fortune? Was he privy to some secret wealth creation tips? Was he more brillant? Well, if more brillant is thinking BIG then that is the secret to his success. I discoved after interviewing him for over 4 hours that from the very beginning he thought BIG. Before he even began he wanted to be a millionare! He thought what if I had 1,000 locations, 10,000! a 100,000! and so on even though when he began he was working for a fanacial instition earing a meager salary.

You Need the Right System In Place

Once you think BIG you need the right system in place. This is where people mess up big time and could really use wealth creation tips but it's not their fault. Why? because unfortunately often it's like the blind leading the blind. Let me illustrate. For many people the start up cost for many businesses appears to be just too far out of reach so naturally they gravitate towards network marketing. The concept of network marking for wealth creation is awesome! Maybe you've met someone at Maccy D's where they start drawing the circles with you at the top of the page and say this is you and if you get two people and those two get two after a few months you'll have... Wow! it looks amazing on paper but how does it often work in the real world? You go home after the meeting. You're all pumped up. You start making a list of everyone you know. You contact many of your family and friends that you haven't talked to in ten years and anyone that is breathing that comes within two feet of you. To your amazement you discover that they aren't nearly as thrilled as you about your new business venture but you keep chasing after them no matter how many times they run like your the parking meter guy or change their number! Maybe you even get one or two people to sign up only to find out that after a couple of months of chasing about 100 people they quit and now after a few months your right back to where you started minus your gas time and drinks you offered them at Maccy D's and to top it off you've just joined the (NFL) no friends left! Peter Gurber Author of The E-Myth tells us one of his best wealth creation tips when he urges us to work on our business instead of in our business. The only way to do this without things falling apart is to have a strong system in place.

" About 95% of people drop out of MLM's after the first couple months like trying to poor water into a bottomless bucket."

Why does this happen? Because I can't think of any other business where you chase random people around asking if they will purchase your product. Think about it! How successful would a Harley Davison dealer be if they just randomly chased senors around at bingo halls asking if they want to buy a Harely. Although there are many other reasons why most people don't succeed in the mlm business, not having the right system in place with a great fresh lead source is on of the biggest pieces of the puzzle missing from wealth creation tips. Puchasing expesive leads isn't the answer either. People instead need to postion themselves as the expert which will attract people to them and generate their own free leads online. The winning combination to consistantly attract people into your business is positioning yourself as an expert and generating free leads online.

Get a Mastermind Team

To have real success you need a team of people who can lift your game. Obviously the best way to improve at any sport is to play people who are better than you. The same holds true for business. Many small business owners think they can go it alone and they are right if they just want a job were they are the boss. The reality in life is that many things take about 10 times longer than we planned. If you want to be an overnight success when you are twenty then start building your dreams when you are ten! You probaly heard of building a mastermind team before but has anyone ever offered you wealth creation tips on how to actualy do it? Unless we get specific, telling you to get a mastermind team is fruiness. How do you start a mastermind team when you are just starting out and you're at the bottom of the tottum pole? The danger when trying to start your own mastermind group is getting together with other inexperienced people who although they may have great intentions struggle to create enough value to move you forward. A better idea is to just find a mastermind group that is already available and join.


Outsourcing is one of the biggest wealth creation tips which is often overlooked. Outsourcing to the right place will literally allow you to grow your business about ten times faster! Many people believe that outsourcing is destroying the American economy and middle class but is this really true? According to john Stossel a 20/20 reporter, outsourcing helps the middle class by offering them lower prices.. What about all the jobs going oversees? The most successful companies are outsources which are the biggest job creators. Companies that hire abroad ended up hiring twice as many workers at home.

Hire the Right People

I've heard many business owners say I can't hire anyone. I have to do it all myself. You can't find good help these days! What? Businesses are hiring people everyday! Without realizing it they are creating a self filling prophecy. I often say what about businesses like Mcdonalds that hire thousands of people. They say well they're really big so they can afford to take a loss. It's more like they have a strong system in place so they don't take a loss.

Here are some wealth creation tips on how to hire the right people? Hire people who are passionate about what they do? Would they love what they do in your business so much that they would do it for free with their time off? You might think you are in the kind of business where no one would love it but you might be surprised how many people actually love what others would consider boring or drudgery. Did you ever watch the show Dirty Jobs where Mike Rowe works side by side with people who do all kinds crazy often dangerous jobs that most people wouldn't do no matter how much you payed them? Well guess, many of these people say that they love what they do and wouldn't do anything else. There is a girl here at Barnes & Noble that works in the snack bar that has such vigor--such passion and love for what she does that she is just beaming with excitement! Everything from her smile, to how she moves, to how she talks. Ever time I see her I ask, hows it going and she replies "living the dream!" How do you know if you can trust people you hire? You don't. Looking at their past performance will offer you some clues but even if they read the bible every day you just won't know until you hire them. Just start them out small. Don't hand over the keys to your Ferrari until you've tested the waters slowly for this wealth creation tip.

Massive Consistent Action

You can have the greatest mastermind group ever devised but if you don't take massive consistent action your dreams become futile. Focus is one of the most powerful yet overlooked wealth creation tips and to succeed in this competitive world you need massive constant action. Think of any area of your life and ask where could you be today if you just stayed focused. Where could you be today if you set aside just 200 dollars per month in a mutual fund since you were 19? Where could you be today if instead of just trying to maintain your business you grew at just 10% per year. Where could you be if you added just one investment property per year to your portfolio? And where would you be today if you took massive consistent action! You can apply all the other wealth creation tips but if you don't apply this one your really selling yourself short! When you look at the success of the Olympic athletes do you think they got to where they are by just focusing once in a while? No day in and day out they made huge sacrifices--willing to do what most people aren't willing to do. They apply what Tony Robbins calls cani-- constant and never ending improvement. We can't change the past but we have the power right now today to regain our focus or if you were already focused take your focus to new heights. It's always easy to look at someone that is really successful in life in what ever they do and think well they were luckier than me or had more resources than me or knew the right people when luck actually had very little to do with it. Luck is preparation meeting opportunity.

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