Questions I ask myself every day by far have been the biggest asset of my success. The amazing thing about the questions I ask myself is that I almost always come up with an answer or solution, even if the question seemed impossible. I lie in bed each night and ask myself, "How can I make the world a better place? How can I find a way to contribute to millions of people by giving them hope and inspiration?" How can I discover Top Pick For Free Site Traffic?

And the answers start flowing like a magnificent river of knowledge. That's the secret - to keep the idea flowing. If you want to know an answer to a question, if you want to find a solution to a problem, then don't just make a meek attempt at finding a solution.

Don't just say, "What if?" and when the answer or the solution doesn't appear, give up. You have to create a whole stream of "what ifs" -- "What if I try this? No, that won't work. What if I try this? No, that won't work." One drop of water upstream meekly trying to find its way to the waterfall may dry up before it ever reaches its destination, but with each additional drop, the water gradually becomes a river that will reach the waterfall. This is the state of mind - the creativity - that you want to generate within yourself. What happens when you get just a small current? The current pulls everything toward it.



The most effective way to control your focus is with the power of questions. Every day the questions we ask ourselves determine our focus, our thoughts, and our emotions. Asking empowering questions helped me lift myself up whenever I felt I was knocked down. Instead of asking questions like, "Why me?" I began to ask questions that could help me get back on my feet.

"Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find; knock

and it will be opened to you." -Matthew 7:7

Think about it. The quality of questions we ask ourselves determines the quality of our lives. What’s the difference between those who are successful and those who aren’t? It’s the quality of there questions. By asking better quality questions those who are successful make critical distinctions that others don’t. Back in the day when the automobile industry was still in its infancy stage, hundreds of pioneering people experimented with building them, but Henry ford distinguished himself by asking a quality question “How can I mass produce such a machine?” Ghandhi accomplished what an army of men couldn’t accomplish by asking himself the powerful question “How can I free India in a nonviolent way from British control? Bill Gates became the worlds wealthiest man by asking, how can I license (dos) instead of selling it.

Here are some problem-solving questions to help you find solutions when problems arise:

"Make it Happen" Problem-Solving Questions

1. What is amazing about this problem?

2. What is not the way I want it yet?

3. What am I going to do to make it better?

4. What am I going to stop doing to make it better?

5. How can I make it an enjoyable experience while I make these changes?

I also ask myself my morning, "Make it Happen" questions, so I can jump out of bed with enthusiasm.

"Make it Happen" Questions to jump start my day

1. What am I thankful for?

2. Who do I care about? Who cares about me?

3. How can I start my day better today?

4. How can I leave the world a better place

today? How do I feel about that?

5. How can I gain more momentum?

6. What am I looking forward to?

7. What am I passionate about?

"Make it Happen" Night Time Questions

1. What did I offer today? In what ways did I make a positive impact in someone’s life?

2. What was life's lesson for me today?

3. How has today made my life richer? How can today be an investment for my future?

These questions have dramatically improved my quality of life by shifting my focus. When you know the right questions to ask, you can help others as well by throwing a question their way.